The Exordium is a Gaming Community in which we play a wide variety of games like: World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic, Heroes of the Storm and many more.  Some games like Minecraft are hosted on our own personal server.  This gives us maximum control and maximum performance as we have complete control over all resources rather than renting off another company. We even have our own Streaming Server !


Chris is one of the owners of the domain and hosts and configures the servers in which the Teamspeak, website and game servers are hosted.  

Chris has done a variety of Microsoft and Network related Certifications, the most recent being a CCNA.  He is currently playing world of warcraft with the Thistle Tea party guild.



Simon is one of the owners of the domain.  He sorts and configures permissions on Teamspeak.  He mainly plays Guild Wars 2 on Desolation and Rocket League.



Ryan is one of the Server Administrators for The Exordium.  

He is usually the one that sets up the gaming servers such as Minecraft and Terraria.

Ryan has tallied up an impressive 2000+ hours in Dungeon Defenders and a disgusting 500+ days on Runescape. Other than that plays Minecraft and Rocket League.



Adam is one of the Server Administrators for The Exordium. He often manages many of the servers like Minecraft and Factorio.  If you have any issues, don't talk to him.  He hates people.



Louis is one of the server and forum moderators. He deals specifically with the development of the website.