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* Helm HeadGravewarden Visage
* Neck NeckString of Extracted Incisors
* Shoulders ShouldersGravewarden Pauldrons
* Cloak CloakGravewarden Cloak
* Chest ChestWave-Hammered Breastplate
* Bracers BracersBonemeal-Crusted Armplates, maby depends if swapping out boot legendary
* Gloves GlovesGroundshatter Gauntlets
* Belt - using legendary
* Legs LegsGravewarden Legplates
* Boots BootsIron Ballast Sabatons if i swap out legendary
* Ring Ring 1Seal of the Second Duumvirate
* Ring 2 Ring 2Scaled Band of Servitude
* Trinket TrinketFeverish Carapace, best trinket in the game :P
* Trinket 2 Trinket 2Leviathan's Hunger, option trinket
* Blood Relic Blood RelicMan'ari Blood Pact
* Shadow Relic Shadow relicGrimacing Highborne Skull Best Relic in game for me
* Iron Relic Iron RelicCalcified Barnacle

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