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How to Join

We are currently running Unstoppable 1.10.2

To join us download the twitch launcher (yes I know its terrible but its where the FTB files are hosted) - link

Enable Mod management of Minecraft in the Twich Settings.

Click Minecraft on the left hand-side

Click "Browse All Modpacks"

Type "Unstop" it should be the one at the top of the list. "Unstoppable 1.10.2" NOT the 1.7.10 version

Click Install.

Currently, there is no whitelist. So people are free to join.
There is an admin or mod on 90% of the time, so if people are annoying or abusive we will just remove them.

Server Info

No Password

  1. You can build anywhere you like, as-long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else.
  2. Griefing is mostly prevented by claiming chunks. However, it is still not allowed. Backups are very regular so you will accomplish nothing
  3. Try to be sensible with your builds; e.g. don't spawn 8000 chickens in a 2x2 square. It creates quite a lot of lag. If you cause lag, we will let you know. If you fail to fix it from either ignoring us, or other means, then we will remove it ourselves.
  4. Have Fun - The whole point is to have fun.

There is either a mod or an admin on 90% of the time, so if you have any questions. Just ask.
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