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Pika's website, check it out; it's awesome!

WoWScrappie was originally designed as an Auction House Consultant but grew and changed into something that the community needed, a place where everyone can contribute and view the WoW community’s hidden genius. Together, we’ll be able to create an ever-growing compendium for all the WeakAuras, TellMeWhen and Macro strings for every possible situation one might need! The best part? If you don’t want to contribute or just aren’t that great at making your own, you can still view all the amazing and crazy ideas the community has to offer - and we even have a requests option coming soon where you can ask the members of WoWScrappie to help your ideas come to life.


On WoWScrappie everyone who logs in to contribute content will have their own personal profile; a place where you can see your own uploads all in one place, an inbox and messaging system, and the profile itself where you can tell everyone about you. Within your Personal Profile you will be able to link your Twitch Stream and Twitter (if you want), and change general options like notifications.

Contribution - Uploading

When someone contributes they are greeted with some options to help decide where they want their configuration to go. First of all, there are two categories in which we can put our configurations; boss-fights or class and spec specific. Once you have picked you will have more options show up to go into more detail, for example if you picked bossfights you will now be able to choose a raid and any boss from that raid. If you pick classes and specs you will then be able to pick either general, a class, or a specific specialization. Under the general section there are three choices: PvE, PvP or Misc. You also get to choose what type of configuration you are uploading - WeakAura, TellMeWhen, or macros. For each upload you will be able to give it a caption and add a comment or description of your choice - you can even upload screenshots!

Contribution - Social

After you have submitted your ideas, there is a voting system in place dubbed the “ScrapScore”, which allows you guys, the community, to vote on content so the really good ideas can shine through and any repeats or maybe not-so useful ideas can be left alone. You can even share any uploads either with a direct link on the page or via twitter! There is also a comment section on each upload where anyone can write about it - the good, the bad, what could need fixing or changing - your comment your choice. Just remember we’re all here to help each other so be nice, or you’ll have to deal with WoWScrappie himself!


On the back end of WoWScrappie there is a small team of people who will be moderating the content to help make sure people aren’t uploading things that would be harmful to the community - every time someone uploads we all get a notification and one of us will check it out and approve, edit, or in the worst cases delete the uploaded content. We’ll try our best to let the community to decide on the content (ScrapScore) but we will be there when needed!

Upcoming Changes & Features
  • Character Rankings
  • PM service
  • Requests
  • Voting System
  • More WarcraftLogs integration
    *Anything else the community can think of!
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