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EPGP is the loot distribution system we’re going to be using from now on. Your points will be shared for your main Raider and your Alt Raider; you can earn points on either, and spend them on either as your choice. For a lot of our members, this loot system won't affect you and you won't feel any different. Apart from the fact this allows people to get an even share of the loot, and not that one guy who is need trigger happy and wins it all.

How Does it Work?

EPGP EP = Effort Points GP = Gear Points PR = Priority Ratio

EP - EP can be gained or deducted by several methods when Raiding. E.g. Punctuality, attendance, effort, preparation, etc.

  • Being online and inside the raid instance at 7:45pm Server Time (+1000 EP)
  • Every 15 minutes you're in the raid for the duration of the raid (+250 EP; +3000 EP total)
  • Every time we kill a boss (+500 EP)
  • Every time we kill a NEW boss (+1000)
  • If you leave the raid early without prior notice or reasoning you will lose any EP earned in that run.
  • If you do not attend the raid without reason you will be deducted 5000 EP; this will increase with each consecutive raid missed by 100% of the original value (5k -> 10k; 10k -> 15k)
  • If you are going to be late and you warn the Council of this before 6:30pm Server Time on the night of the raid you will still gain half the “On-Time” bonus (+500 EP)

There is also a decay on both EP and GP to ensure we don’t get to insane numbers, currently at 20% per week. This affects everyone and prevents hoarding of EP - gear is there to be used. If you believe you may be missing EP from somewhere, let one of the Council know and we'll double check and add it manually for you.

GP- Each item has their own GP value, worked out by... err, read here: EPGP Website .
Every time you win an item you will be awarded Gear Points. The more gear you win - the more GP you have. The way the winner of loot is decided is by dividing EP by GP, for example:
  • You have 4000 EP and 2000 GP - Your Priority Rating (PR) would be 4000/2000 = 2 PR
  • I have 5000 EP and 6000 GP - My PR would be 5000/6000 = 0.83* PR So I might have been to slightly more raids, but I've also won a lot more gear and you have a higher PR than me; you win.

What do I do?

When we kill a boss everyone will get a popup for loot they can use, similar to the default Need/Greed/Pass window, but it will instead give you the following options:
  • 4 Set
  • 2 Set
  • 1/3 Set
  • Major Upgrade
  • Minor Upgrade
  • Speciality (+note)
  • Off-Spec

Major Upgrade vs Minor Upgrade

It's up to you whether or not you want to roll Major Upgrade or Minor Upgrade. You will only have to pay half the cost* of Major Upgrade for a Minor Upgrade, but if someone rolls Major, 2 Set, or 4 Set they will win it over the people that rolled Minor Upgrade even if they have lower PR; Minor Upgrade is not always easy to judge, use this as a rough guideline:
Same ilvl (or close), with more beneficial stats to your spec.
Same item with gem socket/tertiary stat
You can see the cost of the item top right of the window. Be aware that we use a % of that number (60% for Major/Tier; 30% for Minor). Please note, the Council will have a final decision on what is classed as a minor upgrade to stop people cheesing the system.
Tier item upgrade (LFR > Normal; Normal > Heroic; Heroic > Mythic). If you are rolling on the same difficulty tier token in hopes for a Titanforge, for example, you should roll a Minor Upgrade.

Tier Sets

2 Set and 4 Set will award the same amount of GP as Major Upgrade, but will be prioritised above it.
You must be gaining your set bonus with the item you are rolling for, this is not to be used if you already have the set bonus but wish to switch gear around. Please also note your "best in slot" tier pieces, so you do not roll on a tier item you will eventually replace that someone else will need and use for the duration of the current tier.

If it is a tier piece that will not give you a set bonus, you should roll "1/3 Set".

Specialty (+note)

There is a small "page" icon to the right of the roll options, you can click that, type in a message, and hit save - then click "Speciality (+note)", this lets the person doing the loot know you want the item but it doesn't fall under the other categories. For example, it could be used from swapping a tier slot to use a different item or legendary, to simply wanting the item for transmog.

General Info

We will be prioritising certain roles and/or specs depending on their tier bonus to maximise the raid's overall benefit.
As of Legion 7.1.5 with The Nighthold we are prioritising all DPS over Tanks and Healers as a general rule. This may change with future patches/tiers depending on bonus' gained.

Please do not attempt to save your EP for later bosses/items if there is an upgrade you can use available. Not only is that a waste of loot, it also means you will be doing less than you are capable of for the duration of time until you get that later upgrade. The only person who misses out is yourself as EPGP decays, and you may not get that item for a long period of time.

If multiple people have the same PR the item will be won via a Council decision for the most beneficial upgrade, or the built in roll if it’s fairly equal.

TL;DR - Turn up, kill shit, get points, use points to get gear, go to bed.
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