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Please mail all donations to Vroome. Do not directly deposit them into the Guild Bank.

(12th July - 18th July)
Call to Arms: Slice of Bacon, Runescale Koi
Standard: Leyblood, Black Barracuda, Big Gamy Ribs
Do Not Need: Highmountain Salmon, Stormray, Lean Shank

1.Silentbelly1750 EP
2.Jólts1500 EP
3.Vroome1300 EP
4.Dukat850 EP
5.Ayalynia750 EP
6.Wardude500 EP
7.Shaggynoob300 EP
8.Trashblood250 EP
Blackpanther250 EP
Skeybestkey250 EP

  • 50 EP per 10 item
  • 100 EP per 10 item (Call to Arms)
  • 0 EP reward for some items (Do Not Need)
  • EP rewards capped after 50 items (reset every Wednesday)
  • Donations are always welcome after the cap. Who knows, there might even be rewards for the most generous people.
  • EP rewards for the previous week's donations will be given out after each reset.

This is something we will trial initially, potentially tweaking EP rewards/caps as we see fit.
Any feedback is also appreciated!


Call to Arms: Runescale Koi, Leyblood
Standard: Stormray, Big Gamy Ribs
Do Not Need: Black Barracuda, Lean Shank

50 Runescale Koi = 500 EP
30 Runescale Koi + 20 Leyblood = 500 EP
30 Stormray + 10 Runescale Koi + 10 Leyblood = 350 EP
100 Big Gamy Ribs = 250 EP
20 Black Barracuda + 30 Stormray = 150 EP
500 Lean Shank = 0 EP
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No new update?
I know you have been busy with tactics for Tos :)
Just wondering
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