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With around one month to go until the Tomb of Sargeras opens, I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Council to share our plans for the guild from 7.2.5 onwards, and our intentions in regards to progression going into the next raid tier.

As we continue to stomp through Heroic Nighthold in just over two hours week after week, it's easy to forget just how challenging it was for us when we progressed through Heroic for the first time. I'm sure many would like to forget bosses such as Botanist, where we'd spend night after night hitting the same brick walls over and over again, with even laughably easy bosses now (like Krosus, Tichondrius etc.) giving us a hard time initially. But that's just how progression goes... right?

A recurring pattern we saw during progression was the amount of times we'd be stuck on a boss, constantly reaching the same point, and then as soon as we drop 2-3 people we kill it instantly. Going forward, we would like to reduce the time we spend repeatedly wiping, hitting our heads against a brick wall and wishing we could kill the boss (and sometimes each other) rather than actually killing the boss. As a semi-hardcore raiding guild we always aim to strike a balance between progression and fun, and when it stops being fun to progress, then we've failed to strike that balance.

So, here is our plan for ToS.

All raiders (and trials of course) are encouraged to come along to our Normal clears of Tomb of Sargeras. Given our current gear, and based on how quickly we cleared Nighthold on normal (two nights I believe), our expectation is that we will be able to clear Normal ToS at a similar speed. This is of course reliant on a number of factors, including but not limited to the amount of preparation people put in to learning all the bosses, the Council's ability to prepare solid strategies for each boss, and Tomb's overall difficulty in comparison to Nighthold.

However, things are going to be a little bit different for Heroic progression. We are going to initially take a smaller team of raiders (~14), all of whom we feel have particularly excelled in showing us that they are truly masters of their class. Whist this is indeed something we have already been trying to do for previous raids, we're going to try being a bit more cut-throat with our choices. This is to help cut out the annoying (and sometimes awkward) times where we've had to bench some under-performing raiders just to get the kill. This should help us progress through Heroic at a hopefully impressive pace.

This sped up progression will help us in several ways. As a guild it will boost our rankings and make us more attractive to quality raiders, who will further strengthen our team and allow us to start mythic progression sooner, and with a healthier roster. As individuals, it will help us obtain better gear faster and more frequently (which is what WoW is all about baby), as well as giving us that sweet sweet satisfying feeling you get when downing a new Heroic boss.

To people who may say things like "but I want that gear as well" or "I want that sweet sweet feeling too", I think a key thing to remember is you get as much back as you're willing to put in. Just like the recent re-trials, our intention is not to leave people behind. We intend to filter people in to the Heroic team as bosses start entering farm territory and/or if we see that your performance clearly warrants a 'promotion'. There are obviously some logistical issues that have to be considered in all this, the healers:raidsize ratio being one, which we will have to pay close attention to when making our decisions.

Ultimately though, we want to be able to face Kil'jaeden for the first time together, in full strength, as a Guild. I'm sure everyone wants to be a part of that, but it's up to you to make it so.

More details to come...
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First of all, congratulations on the Krosus kill. An excellent end to a promising tier.

For anyone who is unaware, the Tomb of Sargeras raid will become available on the 20th June (Tuesday), with patch 7.2.5 most likely released a week prior on the 13th June (Tuesday). This leaves us with two weeks of raiding before ToS, one before the 7.2.5 changes, and one after.

Despite the inevitable frustrations faced when attempting Mythic with a roster of just over 20 people, we eventually achieved our 4//10M goal. A big thank you to everyone, especially those who turned up to every single raid, even cancelling plans for raids that would eventually never happen, sometimes only finding out hours before. It's really appreciated by everyone, and is probably the best trait in a raider we can hope for.

Over the next week we will be raiding for only one of the three nights (Monday - 12th June), with the intention of clearing Nighthold Heroic and the first 4 bosses on Mythic (if we have the numbers). A big thanks to Bobby by the way, who sat out on Krosus without making a fuss, making our first kill easier. Let's not make it our last. Having said that, we won't be carrying on with Mythic Nighthold once we start ToS.

Starting the week after 7.2.5 we will resume our normal raiding schedule and return to The Nighthold one last time before ToS opens. The idea is for people to practice and experiment with changes made in 7.2.5 to their classes, so that we're fully prepared for the new raid.

Our schedule for ToS will initially be the following:

- Thursday (Normal)
- Sunday (Normal/Heroic)
- Monday (Heroic)

with the intention of eventually achieving a full Normal clear on Thursdays, leaving Sunday and Monday for Heroic progression. As discussed in the original post, everyone is welcome to join Normal Tomb of Sargeras (895+), however we will be taking a much smaller team to the Heroic progression nights. My original post covered our reasons for doing this, as well explaining the fact that we will be constantly assessing who is and isn't included and, where appropriate, will make every effort to give people the chance to take part in our Heroic progression.

For at least the first week, the Heroic team will be as follows :



DPS (5R/4M)
Blackpanther (Lag)

If anybody has any concerns as to the choices made, please let one of the Council members know, and we will hopefully provide you with understandable reasons for our actions.

Now go read tactics, watch videos, and be ready to raid the Tomb!
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Vroome replied the topic: Tomb of Sargeras & 7.2.5 Intentions
Tony has said that his lag is currently too bad to be reliable for Heroic progression. I have adjusted the team (above) accordingly, at least until it gets better. :)

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