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Welcome to Thistle Tea Party!

So you wanna' raid, huh?! We raid three times a week: Thursday, Sunday & Monday; 20:00-23:00 Server Time.

We expect Trials and Raiders to be able to attend all three raids consistently - if that is something you cannot commit to then, unfortunately, we won't be able to promise you a full-time raid spot. With that said, we know 'IRL' can get in the way so exceptions will be made within reason given prior notice.

All our raids will be on the in-game Calendar and you will be automatically set to accepted as of course, you are expected to be there. If you are a Trial rank or above and you don't see any raids on your calendar yet then poke one of the Council to invite you and tell them to stop slacking. :P

It should go without saying, but it's still worth noting that, you should not be PuG'ing the current Raid instance (alts are fine) until after our last raid of the week [i.e. Monday] unless we are 100% not going to be doing them, such as old tiers. If you are already saved to a boss, it drops less loot for the rest of the raid and you will still be gaining for being in the raid. Simply put, it's not fair for the rest of the raid.

Pre/Post-Raid Character Auditing

Everyone is expected to keep their own characters fully optimised with current gems and enchants. They do not need to be the best of the best for items you won't be keeping, but at the very least you should be aiming to put the weaker gems and enchants in everything, and best in slot enhancements in gear you expect to keep.

You are also expected to keep up to date with your own class/role changes such as action priorities, stat weights and general mechanics. This includes knowing which major upgrades you will want, especially Tier, Trinkets and weapons.

Feel free to discuss them on the General Resources thread or in the class-specific sub-forums ; swap and share info, or even ask for help. Some of our members are experienced (nerds! B) ) in most classes and roles and are more than willing to help. We won't be hand-holding, but we're more than happy to help each other out.

It is also recommended you become familiar with and check yourself on www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/40589 This site can help you find out your weaknesses and improve upon them.

We review the logs after every raid to check where we can all improve so we can help everyone move forward together. If you want a hand or second pair of eyes checking through logs, just ask!

Make sure you are fully aware of the tactics for relevant bosses, you can usually find them posted in the Raiding & Tactics section of our forums.


Required: Suggested: Can't make a raid?

By default everyone will be auto-accepted to every raid and the calendar will be locked, as you are of course expected to turn up. If you cannot make a raid, or you think you might be late, you must let one of the Council know and/or post in the Raid Absence thread , and we will change your invite as required.

Alt Raiding

If you wish to take an alt to the alt raid or farm content, it must meet the following conditions:
  • Alts have to be relatively well geared, roughly 910* (unless the Council says otherwise) item level to keep up and pull your weight.
  • You must know how to play the class like you were raiding on it as if it were your main; being on an alt doesn’t mean it’s a boost. (Shane, you don't count)
  • Loot is always prioritized to mains, small upgrade or not, unless passed by the people who might want it.
  • Getting a raid going takes priority on taking an alt, unfortunately this sometimes means you might have to play your main to fill the role needed.
  • If we are struggling we will ask you to log back over to your main so we don't waste too much time on farm bosses.

    *Current ilvl is for Tomb of Sargeras. This will go up as the expansion progresses.

During Raids

Voice Comms

All guild raids will be held on TS3, and all members must be present and able to listen as a basic requirement. - Download Here
Tanks and Healers specifically have to be able to talk to communicate cooldowns, dispels, etc.

Instructions for Teamspeak can be found Here
If you need any help setting up just ask, preferably before raid times!


Feel free to comment or add suggestions for tactics between pulls (and also on the boss-specific threads for later raids and members not in the raid!), but at the end of the day the Raid Leader has final say to keep the raids going smooth. Talking during trash, and eventually farm bosses is fine and even encouraged (unless otherwise asked). During new or still challenging bosses or any time the Raid Leader (or anyone trying to help the raid) is talking please be courteous towards them and do not interrupt or continue talking as they are trying to set up for a boss.

Breaks / AFK

There will be a 10-minute break about halfway through the raid for people to have a break; we understand bio emergencies can and will happen but please do not AFK between pulls or on trash just to make a drink or some food. Making the whole raid wait on one person is inconsiderate and unfair to your friends.

We're using EPGP for our loot system. Assuming you want some loot, you will need to download the AddOns that are required as noted in the AddOn section above.
Once you have installed these AddOns Disable EPGP LootMaster - ML as shown; only the MasterLooter will need this.

To see your EP, GP and PR you can type /epgp in-game. For more information you can check our EPGP Explained post.
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