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Infernal Burning should hurt a lot less than the boulders, which is we don't have many cooldowns for them. Instead I've tried to be as efficient as possible for spreading out cooldowns on the boulders.

There's only 2 boulders without cooldowns (2:43, 4:18), but an Innervate at 4:18 should help there and we'll just have to power through 2:43. I don't know who you want to Innervate, but I'll leave that to you guys. :)

There's also a tank cd assigned for each Melted Armor (300% damage) crossover, except for 3:03. I guess we'll have to see how badly it hurts, but it might be a good time to use Guardian Spirit.

We'll probably save Barrier for an Infernal Burning where we've got a particularly large amount of pillars remaining.
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