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As of Patch 7.2 (Wednesday 29th of March) we will be placing all Raiders back to Trial rank.

During these few weeks the Council will be monitoring both player ability and attitude towards raiding to ensure everyone is up to date on their class and playing at an acceptable standard to continue progression into the next tier. After two weeks, we will do the first rounds of reviews and promotions back up to Raider rank. Anyone who is still trial after those two weeks will be worked with closely to help get them to the level we believe they can and should achieve for raiding.

If after one month you will be given the option to either:
  • Continue to improve by yourself and re-trial at a later date.
  • Re-roll to a class that may fit you better and re-trial.
  • Continue as Social and join in with alt/off-raids if you wish to.

For the time being we'll be monitoring and leaving public feedback that you can all view here:

As the "re-trial" process is now over we will use this document to further analyse Raider performance and re-trials in the next raid tier.
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Quote from Silentbelly:

Thx for the tips and tricks. Noted. Some feedback on my part: Have changed healing approach since 7.2 as you guys have seen. I am not convinced by personal xp and google that using more essence font in general will improve effective healing but as saved I'm tinkering a bit with it to see. Depends a lot on fight, gear, relics and mana options. Vivify is in most cases the better bet and is very close to more essence fond imo.
So far the last few raids I see less effective healing then with current more focus with vivify. Working on using tea on cd but also very situational. Why use it if its wasted since no one needs a heal. Better dps then. I dont understand what you mean by learn Abc's. Please elaborate. DPS on monk I dont care about like noted to council on multiple occasions. I have a basic rotation if it is realy mandatory but for dps i have a dps char. This is my healing char which i sometimes as offspec tank on. And I bloody hate melee dpsing myself. I keep looking at vids tips and tricks like I Always do. Thx for the feedback and have a good evening.

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