We are now fully using Discord. I have shutdown our Teamspeak server. Nothing has been deleted so if anyone ever wants to use it again then I can boot it up. Feel free to join us on DIscord. Its best place to get the latest on our Ark, Minecraft, servers, etc. Invite Link: HERE

We have started up another Minecraft Modded Server.

This is running the Continuum modpack for version 1.12.2 - You can find a list of the mods included - HERE

This pack is an 'expert' modpack. Which means that recipes are considerably more complex. It also forces you to use a lot more of the other mods.

There is no whitelist running on the server, but the modpack includes a team and party system, which prevents griefing in 'claimed' areas.

Live Server Monitoring - HERE

3/9 bosses down on Mythic.  Well done everyone.  A nice clean kill.  You can track our current progress HERE